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  • Are your earrings heavy?
    Actually, no! Polymer clay is an extremely lightweight materials once it is baked. Most of my earrings weigh about the same as a nickel.
  • What are the chances my earrings will break?
    Very unlikely... But here are some things to avoid: - Sleeping in your earrings - Showering/Swimming in your earrings - Bending your earrings Polymer clay is a flexible material and I go through a quality control process with each pair to make sure they are baked to the right consistency to avoid them snapping in half.
  • How should I keep my earrings clean?
    Typically a damp wash cloth will do the trick! Makeup wipes and a cue tip with acetone (in very small amounts) will also not hurt the earrings. Best way to keep them clean is to wipe them off after each use and to avoid sleeping in them overnight.
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