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Like many people, I used the COVID-19 pandemic as a time to focus on what really brings me joy.

Family. Friends. Art. Dogs. Chipotle.

I soon realized after sitting at home for days on end that I needed to find a hands-on creative hobby. I tried knitting, did a little painting, but nothing quite stuck. I had a friend from college that started an earring business (shout-out Clae) at the beginning of 2020 and decided to purchase some clay of my own... and the rest is history!

I made a few pairs as gifts for family members during Christmas using a drinking glass to flatten the clay and a golf ball for texture. I've invested in better tools since then, but using the resources around me taught me a lot and makes me appreciate my nice, professional tools all the more!



Many people have asked me, "KLC? What's that?"
Kelsey - Lee - Clay

KLC is an ode to my first name, my middle name (shared by many family members) and my brother's name - which just so happens to be the material I use.
KLC also sounds like Kelsey if you say it fast enough ;)

While I would love to make this my full-time job, it's simply a hobby for me right now - and I'm okay with that because I actually love my day job!
I work at a higher education focused marketing company in Richmond, VA. When I'm not talking to colleges on the phone or making earrings, I can likely be found at either Chipotle or The Haus on Market, a creative studio located in Petersburg, VA.

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